Why is community failing?

Broken CommunityStudies show that three-quarters of the U.S. workforce think “the breakdown of community” and “selfishness” are “serious” or “extremely serious” problems in America. More than 80 percent of people say there should be more emphasis on community, even if that puts more demands on individuals. Statistically speaking, those who are involved in a community are more likely to be economically stable, safer, healthier and more generous.

The reverse is also true. The more isolated, disconnected and monocultural an individual is, the less economically stable they will be, the more at risk they will be, the sicker they are likely to be and the more selfish they will be. Does that sound like a world that you want to live in?

We all desire to be stable, safe, healthy and generous. Many people in the city of Chicago are searching for a deeper spiritual connection. Please check out the Encouraging Community video and find out more about how we can build this into our lives and the vision of Destination Church.