Small Groups are a great opportunity to grow spiritually and make connections. Anyone can join a Group. Groups are a weekly gathering of 10-15 people. The focus of each group might be a particular Bible study, but that’s just the start.

Destination Church is committed to building community through semester-based weekly Small Groups. It is our desire to have everyone that attends Destination Church sign up and be active in a Small Group each semester.

  • Semesters run for 12-14 weeks.
    • Feb - April
    • June - August
    • October - December
  • Along with a focus on study and discussion, each semester includes serving, socials, and prayer.
  • Choose your group to fit your schedule.
  • Sign up online or on your Sunday communication card.
  • Parents can apply for FREE childcare at their home during Group. Learn more:
  • If you have further questions, check out our FAQ page.

Explore and join a Small Group today.



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