Serving at Destination is not just a fun experience, but a great way to go deeper in your spiritual walk.

Our Sunday coordinators provide a short orientation for each new volunteer, so there is no concern about being unqualified or out of your depth. Most serving opportunities are simple, and the orientation provides everything you need before you make a commitment.

We ask people to serve once or twice a month for 90 days to start with. After 90 days, volunteers can renew their serving period, move to another team, or take a short break if they have served for several rotations. Serving is an opportunity and privilege to help those around us and a sign of spiritual maturity.

Joining a new serving orientation has the following advantages:

  • Serving is one of the greatest ways to be Christ-like.
  • Serving helps you meet others at Destination.
  • Serving lets you use your time and talents to help others.
  • Serving gets you acquainted with the culture of the church.
  • Serving enables Destination to achieve it's mission.

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