Summer Internship 2014

To get a glimpse of Destination Church’s Summer Internship in Chicago, please review the 2010 video:

Dates: TBD.

Description: Destination Church in Chicago is recruiting interns for the Summer of 2014. You may be immediately interested because you desire to be trained in a new and growing church. The purpose of the internship is to:

  • Equip interns with how to effectively share their faith
  • Gain hands-on ministry experience in a growing new church
  • Assist in running outreach booths at city-wide festivals
  • Engage in extensive follow-up with new contacts
  • Serve the church

Sharing our faith with unbelievers can be hard, but it shouldn’t be. It should be effective. Interns will experience a new level of passion for the gospel; they will be practically equipped to engage people and will return with a new passion to reach the lost.

All of heaven celebrates when just one person places their faith in Christ. The greatest joy of the internship will be to see new people, who you have helped to receive Christ, worshiping alongside us. If you love Jesus, you’ll love the summer internship in Chicago.

We have space for up to 3 interns during the summer. Applicants must be seniors in High School or older.

Cost: Approximately $200 per week. Interns are expected to either pay their own way by saving up or raising support. Cost includes public transit, city events, accommodation, coffee shop meetings, meals, and books.

Accommodation: Hosting will be provided by Destination Church members.

Travel: Chicago has an excellent transportation system, so having a car is not a requirement. However, interns are encouraged to bring a car if they have one. Cost of public transportation is included above.

Communication: Each intern MUST either bring a mobile phone to use during the internship or purchase a pay-as-you-go phone for the duration. Each intern’s mobile will need to be available for use. This is very important for following up on contacts, calling businesses, and helping with phone surveys. Interns would also benefit from having a laptop.

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