Destination Kids

Our interactive kids program is Bible based and super fun. Kids love the activities, curriculum, worship, music, large play area, toys, padded floor and crafts. Our goal is that Sunday at church will be one of the BEST experiences of your child’s week!

Sunday Check-in & Out

Your kids will participate in the Children’s Ministry right when church begins at 9:15am. Please check your kids in between 9am and 9:10am. If you are late, go ahead and check them in as soon as possible. Once you arrive and enter the building, check-in is located to the right. There is a sign that says "Destination Kids" so you can't miss it. Our Children's Ministry is offered only during our 9:15am service.

You will be given a wristband that matches the unique code of your child's wristband. Only someone with your child's matching wristband can check them out. Our volunteers will sign them out once parents have displayed their bands.


Have questions about our kids ministry? Please contact us.


Helping our children thrive.


We currently offer these kids ministries...

Discoverers: 0-2 years
Explorers: 3 years to Kindergarten
Voyagers: 1st - 5th grade

We also have a nursing mother's room with live audio.

Serving our little people

Investing in the next generation is incredibly important to us, and our children's team is always looking to expand. We have all kinds of opportunities to get involved. We provide clear training, background checks, and give support to all our volunteers. Plus, serving children is a great way to see the church as the spiritual family she is. Jump in!


Get involved in our kids ministry. More.


Join our security team to help maintain a safe environment and give peace of mind. More.

Safety & Security

Our children's safety is of the utmost importance.

Along with a robust check-in and check-out system, we run criminal background checks on all our workers, provide volunteer training, as well as post security personnel in the hallways. It also just so happens we are located right next to a police station — now that's security!

We are also extremely sensitive to kids being intentionally or unintentionally harmed by other kids. Having a team that is able to assist with special needs requirements further helps us provide a safe and secure program.


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