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Why does Destination encourage people to give?

We do so because the Bible explicitly says that money comes from God, not our ability to earn it (Deut 8:17-18), and that we are to be generous towards God with our wealth (Luke 12:21). God tells us to be generous by giving to the ministry of the church (1 Cor 9:13-14, 1 Tim 5:17-18, Mark 12:41-44, Acts 4:34-37) and also to those in need (Matt 25:45). Simply put, without the faithful giving of attenders and members, churches would be hard-pressed to gather. The generous giving of people like you funds everything our church does. It is much better to give than get (Acts 20:35b), and God promises to provide for our needs (Matt 6:26-30) and bless our generosity (2 Cor 9:6-7).

What if I don’t give?

Giving is only a possibility if we have income. Some cannot give simply because they have no income. Having no income is usually temporary for people. Once we have money, the Bible says that wherever we invest, use or spend it, reveals what our hearts love the most (Luke 12:34). If we love God above all else, and have a source of income, then the natural response is to give to His purposes first. People are welcome to attend Destination whether they give or not. We want to be a blessing to everyone, and no one has more or less value based on their wealth (James 2:2-4). The consequence for not giving is simply telling God that we love other things more than Him. It reveals a shallow area of our faith. If we pay all our other debts first and don’t return our debt to God, we are prioritizing man above God. A maturing disciple of Jesus gives generously towards God's purposes and those in need.

Where does my gift go?

Unless given in a special offering, your gift ultimately goes towards the preaching of the gospel and maturing of the church. For us to gather together and be a light in this city, we have understandable operational costs that all churches and organizations have. Among other things this includes facility, staffing, and administration. But, financial giving also goes towards resources that we give to new christians, reaching the lost, discipleship, leadership development, church planting and our monthly tithe to NewfrontiersUSA.

How does the church handle their finances?

Our staff and volunteers strive for high levels of integrity. We want to be excellent stewards of the resources God has entrusted us with through the giving of people just like you. Our financial team works hard to achieve this through establishing effective policies, creating and reviewing a budget each year, and submitting ourselves to external audits. Needless to say, we take it seriously.

How often should I give?

It’s best to give as we receive. Most people give monthly or bi-weekly, simply because of how their payroll is set up. Those on commission often give whenever they make a sale. The longer we wait to give from our earnings the bigger the temptation to keep it for ourselves, and the easier it is to forget. We should each decide a frequency and method and commit to it. Whatever our frequency is, we should always give with a cheerful heart (2 Cor 9:7).

How much should I give?

We should give 100% of everything to Jesus. That’s what it means to be a Christian. In terms of giving to Christian ministry, the Bible teaches that a good place to start is a tithe (Mal 3:8-10), which means 10%. Jesus affirmed this in the New Testament (Matt 23:23). The first-century church appeared to give well above 10%, and seemed to never drop below that level as they were led by the Spirit to give generously (Acts 4:34-35).

Why does Destination allow credit card giving?

Credit card giving is a safer way to give because the money cannot be misplaced or stolen. Online giving removes the challenge of remembering to bring a checkbook to church and complete a giving envelope. Credit card giving is simple and enables more people to give. However, we would strongly encourage that people only give using credit if they faithfully pay off their total bill each month. We make this clear on the giving page on our website.

Why is automated giving the preferred method?

Automation helps us be faithful in honoring God with our finances. Let’s be honest, if we rely on our brains, we are more likely to be less generous towards God. Automation also reduces some logistical and manpower burdens on the church. By setting up direct giving through online banking, there are no processing fees, which happen when giving with a credit card, so 100% is received. Automated giving is easy to set up, and because it’s through online banking, you can make adjustments at any time. It’s better to see our gifts leave our bank accounts automatically and take a moment to thank and worship God, than to pretend to be more holy by writing a check (or giving cash) and accidentally missing a month or two each year. Automation often means more generosity to God.

Instructions for automated giving.



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