Wrigleyville Summerfest: Saturday August 14th – Sunday 15th

Wrigleyville Summerfest, our last festival, is here!

If you haven’t had a chance to serve at our festivals yet, we’d like to encourage you to sign up to get involved this weekend.

Including this Sunday, we have  four Blockbuster Faith messages left and we want to continue to make the most of our time and opportunities to invite people and get the word out.

There are many great reasons to help out at a Destination Booth, even if it’s just for a few hours. Here they are …

  1. People at these festivals are fun. It really is a great time all around. Plus the music is usually good. And you can get a funnel cake!
  2. You get to meet other Destinationers and bond through the shared experience. You also can connect with our awesome interns and find out about how their experience at Destination is shaping them.
  3. You get out of your comfort zone. Handing out stuff, taking people through spiritual surveys and talking to people you don’t know does a lot to you. We are all controlled by what other people think of us. You will face a little bit of rejection, but you’ll also meet people who are seeking God, it’s worth waiting for those ones! The only way to break the fear of man is to engage people.
  4. Most of all you get to see how God is at work and get a bigger vision for how He is using us to reach this city to glorify his son Jesus.

Sign up today …