Why Study Undefiled?

At Destination Church Chicago our Fall Small Groups are taking 9 weeks to study the book Undefiled by Harry Schaumburg which is about sexual redemption.

We’ve bought a copy for everyone who visits the church during the YOU, SEX & GOD teaching series. Please come visit and pick up your copy this Sunday.

This book takes us through the story of a married couple who found themselves on the verge of divorce because of sexual sin. We see their journey towards sexual redemption and along the way dig deep into the root issues we all face.

Many singles, married couples not struggling with issues (rare, but amazing) and others will ask I don’t get it, what on earth will I get out of this book? How does it relate to me?

Let me respond with a list of 9 reasons why you can’t afford not to read this book in a Destination small group:

  1. OTHERS: Most people you know will get married or are married. Most will face any number of sexual issues. You can be a great source of encouragement and support to them through studying this book. You can become relate-able at the very least or, the source of accountability and transformation at the very best.
  2. IDENTITY: You are a sexual being. No matter what stage of life you are in, sex affects you RIGHT NOW. Most Christians have not dug deep into the theology of sexual identity. Studying the truth of what God says about your sexuality is critical for everyone.
  3. MARRIAGE: Other than believing in Jesus, the most important decision you will make, that will define the rest of your life, is the person you marry. Most people get married. Most get married with false expectations and sexual issues. Undefiled will give you a frame work to start dealing with these issues ahead of time and graciously understand them in your spouse.
  4. DIVORCE: With somewhere between 40-50% of marriages ending in divorce and 60% of second time marriages ending in divorce, the church must start getting this right. We are too quick to bail on a difficult relationship. Undefiled will help you understand Gods expectation of you in your present or future marriage.
  5. TRUTH: A lot of Christian material on this subject focuses on behavior modification, techniques for trying harder. Undefiled stands apart from the crowd because it goes for the root issues of truth and identity. Lasting transformation doesn’t happen simply through trying harder or behavioral adjustments, but through knowing God and what he says.
  6. GENDER: Our culture, and our Christian culture, is very confused about gender differentiation. The Bible has much to say about this subject which actually makes sense of the world around us and helps us grasp the complexities of both genders.
  7. TEMPTATION: Pornography, masturbation, sexting, hooking up or extra-martial relationships are unfortunately common place. It is virtually impossible to go one day without consuming some form of sexual content. Sexual temptation is more powerful, more available, more normal and more damaging than ever before. Men, if you are unaware of the sexual trials and struggles of women you will make rubbish husbands. Women, if you are unaware of the difficulties that your husbands face you will make rubbish wives. We have to be real about this issues now, not after marriage, or if problems arise, NOW.
  8. SEX: We want everyone at Destination who isn’t blessed with celibacy to have the best marriage possible. One thing this means is having great sex in your marriage. If you want to truly experience the depths of sexual passion as God intended them you will need to face your own sin and develop grace for your spouses sin. Undefiled will set you in this direction.
  9. VISION: Our passion is to build communities (of AWESOME marriages) that are loyal to Jesus!

Come during our YOU, SEX & GOD series and get your free book.

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