The Tipping Point

At Destination Church we are taking four weeks to journey through the book of Jonah and unpack Gods vision for our community and our role in fulfilling His purposes in the great city of Chicago. How can the whole city believe?

God loves cities. He is relentless in pursuing the multitudes of people who dwell in our city. Join us for this critical series as we focus on our vision and calling.

The Tipping Point is a book by Malcolm Gladwell that explores and explains how social epidemics come about. The book of Jonah is a historical account of the entire populace of the city of Nineveh repenting of their sin in response to Jonahs preaching. In Jonah we’ll see some parallels to Gladwell’s book, the law of the few, the stickiness of the message and the power of context.

However, Jonah’s story is far more than a social epidemic. We’ll also see the strategic importance of cities, the challenges we face as messengers, the goals God is placing before us and our call to the nations of the world.

God loves Chicago! Join us as we envision a better future.