Survey Winners: $100 of Serious Meat!

The results are in! Three lucky Chicago residents are now the proud winners of a $100 gift certificate to Paulina Meat Market. That’s a serious amount of MEAT and I bet they’ve never been given anything like that from a church before.

The purpose of the drawing was for the church in Chicago to invest in people’s relationships, rather than asking for donations, or dragging people to church. Each winner, with no obligation, is encouraged to fire up the grill and have the neighbors over to hang out, chill out and cook out!

In total we surveyed 564 people over a four week period. We had many spiritual conversations and had tones of opportunities to pray and share with the people of the city. We learned a lot about people and the needs of city. If we surveyed you, and you had a positive experience, please feel free to check out one of our upcoming Sunday meetings at 2pm. Request a list of meeting locations through our contact form.

Here are the lucky winners:

  1. Lauren Casty
  2. Brandon Louro
  3. Andrea Guzolek (claimed)

Guys, you need to call me in order to claim your prize: 773.789.7071