Summer on Southport Festival: Saturday July 31 – Sunday August 1

At Destination Church we love Chicago summer festivals. We love them so much that we are running booths at four of them! The people, the cultural expressions, the opportunities. Festivals are just amazing.

With one down and three to go, we are excited to see the momentum these endeavors will create for us. Our last festival, The Raven, helped this non-denominational church in Chicago (one of the many labels we have) to draw the attention of Time Out Chicago (see article). What opportunities will these other festivals bring us?

We have four interns arriving this week to serve at these festivals and to continue to pray and promote Blockbuster Faith. What a privilege to have dedicated individuals helping us connect with new people and follow up with them.

But we can’t expect interns to carry the burden for us. As a community it’s critical that we engage with these festivals and put ourselves out there. With our unique photo survey booth and follow up system, we have an incredible opportunity to serve many people in this city who are on a spiritual journey and are looking to connect.

Get involved, this weekend, at the Summer on Southport Festival, 1-5pm or 5-9pm Saturday or Sunday.

Go ahead and sign up here.