Summer Festivals 2012

Destination is on the advance this summer with four booths at various summer festivals. These booths coincide with our upcoming teaching series ‘Secrets’, which will tell the stories of six Destinationers.

The booth displays a photograph of each person with a list of six secrets. Passersby are given three chances to match each secret to each person. If they manage to get all six, they’ll instantly win a gift card. We’ll extend an invitation to our ‘Secrets’ series no matter the outcome.

The purpose of this is two-fold. Firstly, to sow spiritual seeds and get people thinking about their life and God. Secondly, to stretch ourselves in learning to listen well and ask good questions. We want to learn how people think and how to measure the spiritual pulse of the city.

The casual, yet often deep conversations we have with Chicagoans at our booths are eye opening. This is a great way to spend your weekend! Please sign up to serve a shift or two. Don’t miss out, serve at a ‘Secrets’ booth.

Find out more and sign up today.