Special Guest Speaker

On Sunday Dec 6th, Destination Church in Chicago will be proud to welcome John Lanferman as our guest speaker. John oversee’s our church planting efforts in the USA and travels extensively to initiate and strengthen churches. Dec 6th is a Sunday that you don’t want to accidentally set your alarm for PM rather than AM — don’t you hate when that happens?!

It is so encouraging to have those outside our context come and share what God is doing in other places. I find that when a speaker from the outside comes in it builds excitement, accountability, helps sharpen our own vision and increases our global vision. And, I couldn’t be more excited than to have John Lanferman visit and shape us. He has planted churches himself and lived to tell the tale. We can certainly learn a lot.

To whet your appetite here are 2 recent blog articles that John has written about our vision to plant reproducing missional churches:

  1. Why Plant Churches Reasons 1-4
  2. Why Plant Churches Reasons 5-8

Also, Sunday Dec 6th will be our special launch day offering! If you consider Destination Church to be your church please prayerfully seek God for an amount to give above and beyond your regular offering.

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