Destination Small Groups are the best opportunity for spiritual growth and making more connections this semester. The reasons to join a Small Group are:

  1. Groups are open to anyone. Absolutely anyone. If you are thinking “Even me!”, yes, even you!
  2. This semester is only 12 weeks. This fact alone makes our groups the most accommodating commitment you can make, especially if you are new and still just checking things out. If you don’t like it, it wont last forever. Groups start week beginning September 30.
  3. All the groups are new. This means everyone starts on the same page. This is a golden opportunity to get connected at the start of something and not feel like you have to learn the ropes and earn your way into an established social context. This really takes the pressure off.
  4. The book study this semester is not only highly anticipated and relevant for many, it will be simple to keep up with and participate. The Spirit-Filled Church by Terry Virgo will deepen your understand of life in the Holy Spirit and what it means to belong to Gods community. The book is inexpensive and easily ordered on Amazon. If you ride the CTA or get Starbucks, you can afford this book.
  5. No matter your tradition, and no matter your past, there is simply no better way to mature in Christ than intentionally being in a context where others are growing closer to God. We tend to become like the people we spend time with. Therefore it makes the most sense to consistently be around those who are also hungry to grow in Christ.
  6. Joining a group is super simple. You don’t have to complete an application, or call a random person, you just fill in a simple web form. You can sign up online right now, it’s so simple. We are offering twelve groups this semester, but they fill up fast, so don’t wait. Sign up today:
Watch the two minute NO MORE EXCUSES Small Groups video:

Sign up today: