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This Sunday, June 27th, we launch our most epic teaching series to date: BLOCKBUSTER FAITH

Matthew 22:10 tells us that God loves a large crowd. It goes into detail to explain that God is planning a BIG event and he’s invited a lot of people to it. In fact, this event could be compared to the opening night of a blockbuster movie. There has been a lot of effort put into the preparation, advertising and promotion. This movie includes the best and brightest stars. There is a real buzz going on in the city. God has prepared an awesome theatre for the showing. The critics are calling this the most epic story of all time!

Unfortunately, although many have heard, many have given pretty lame reasons for not attending. In response, a commission has been given to the promoters: go out into the most populated areas and round people up! Find anyone you can — absolutely anyone! We must have a full house on opening night.

At Destination Church we have an incredible opportunity during the entirety of our Blockbuster Faith series to connect with a lot of new people. Here are some simple steps you can take:

  1. Give a flyer to someone you think might be interested.
  2. Tweet/Facebook some variation of this: I’m going to the premiere of Blockbuster Faith. Do you want to join me?
  3. Write a blog post so that your subscribers can read about it.
  4. Put a stack of flyers in your cafe of choice (ask for permission).
  5. Write a review here.
  6. And, don’t forget to pray!

Unless you are someone who likes to go to the movies by yourself, why not bring a friend along? Don’t forget, for this teaching series, every week is a perfect week to invite someone!