Retro on Roscoe Festival: Saturday August 7 – Sunday 8

Last weekend we had an absolute blast running the Destination booth, this coming weekend we get to do it all over again at the Retro on Roscoe summer festival.

Why are the festivals so important for us? It’s simple. People. These festivals are full of PEOPLE. Many that we connect with at these events are open and interested in talking about faith and God. There are often people new to the area who get drawn in by the loud music. It’s a relaxed, informal and natural environment to connect with Chicagoans.

How does it work? The way we approach people is very non-threatening. People often comment that it’s enjoyable in fact. We ask people if they have time for a short photo survey that engage them with spiritual questions. We also invite people to our current Blockbuster Faith series. We are yet to experience a negative response.

  • Dates: Saturday August 7 – Sunday August 8
  • Times: 12noon – 10pm Sat/Sun
  • Location: 2000-2300 W. Roscoe

We have more opportunities to serve at the booth.

Please sign up today and help serve.