Kids At Destination

One of our kids volunteers recently heard a new child say to her Mom that she wanted to come back to Destination the next week. Guess what, they came back! Now that was encouraging.

Heather and I put our two boys in Destination Kids every Sunday and they love it. The Bible based DVD and craft program we use is top notch and has provided a clear structure for kids to thrive and learn about God.

Our goal is to make Sunday morning the highlight of the week for each child. We want to create an environment where children rave about their experience and plead with their parents to return the following week.

One of our constant points of prayer as a church has been to ask God to provide somebody who has the passion and skills to take our kids work to the next level — to really up the stakes. With our recent growth, and our plans to continue to grow, we are aware that our kids program needs to expand as the church does. We are praying for someone with a vision for children to grow in God.

Do you know someone who is gifted in this way? Are you? If so, what are you waiting for? God has provided an incredible ministry opportunity for you to thrive and to influence the future success of the gospel in Chicago! As a church we are committed to raising our kids in the city and teaching them to love it. We love this city, and we want our kids to as well.

Are you our children’s coordinator? If you think you are, go ahead and email or call me 773.789.7071 — we’ve been praying for you.