Healed From a Gluten Allergy

One of our members at Destination, Cyndi Cox, recently experienced a miracle. Read her story below …

I had been dealing with gluten allergies for most of my life and learned to battle the pain and hardships that come along with it. I was so sensitive that if a crumb made it into my food, I was very sick. I also have dealt with severe stomach pain that was unexplained by doctors. Then God changed everything…..

Many members from Destination Church went to the MobiliseUSA conference in St. Louis, myself included. We learned a lot about Jesus, prayed, worshipped and really bonded. The last day we were there; a word was shared¬†that God wanted to heal someone with a serious stomach problem….

Next thing I know, I am being prayed for by friends and strangers alike that God would heal me. As the words were spoken and as I also prayed quietly, I felt a great change inside of me. I could feel the pain in my belly completely go away and instead felt butterflies. Beginning from my esophagus and all the way through my digestive tract, I felt a thick coating of newness inside. And I knew right then, I was healed….

Only a few hours later I was sitting at an Olive Garden with witnesses, ready to eat bread and drink beer again. As I suspected, NO PAIN, I was entirely fine. God had totally cured me and I am now able to eat freely without glutenous consequenses. And without pain.

There is nothing in this world that would ever make me doubt God and his abilities. Praise him for he deserves it!

~ Cyndi Cox

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