Epic Healing

It’s impossible to estimate exactly how many people Jesus healed in His three year ministry. But, it’s safe to say it was thousands. Jesus waged war on suffering, sickness, and finally death. Jesus wins!

One of the main aspects of Jesus ministry, and subsequently His disciples, was that of healings and miracles. In 1 Corinthians 12:9 we are told the Holy Spirit gives gifts of healing to the church. In James 5:14-15 elders are instructed to pray for the sick. Healings are recorded throughout church history, and at some level or another, they are experienced in virtually all Christian denominations today. The question then remains, how should Christians today think about and approach the subject of healing?

Join us for our new series ‘Epic Healing: Power to oppose sickness’ and learn about the following:

  1. March 31: Resurrection Power (Easter Sunday)
  2. April 7: Origin of Sickness
  3. April 14: Purpose of Suffering
  4. April 21: The Sick Are Healed
  5. April 28: Issues of Identity
  6. May 5: Healthy Mind & Emotions