Church Summer Internship 2010

In 2009 we started something very cool! A month long internship focused on evangelism. We gathered 8 young guys from around the US and hit the streets (in a positive way). We surveyed close to 600 people and had incredible opportunities to pray and share. Those who participated experienced one of the hardest 4 weeks of their Christian walk, but one of the most rewarding and growing.

We have made some tweaks for the 2010 internship to make it even more fruitful. If you have 4 weeks this summer and you want to accelerate your spiritual development, then apply for the Summer Internship. It WILL change your perspective, deepen your heart for the lost and give you the confidence you’ve always wanted to effectively engage with the unchurched in a natural way.

So how will the internship work? I’m glad you asked!

We’ll focus on running a number of booths at festivals over weekends, which will be the bulk of the work. And, then we’ll follow up during the week in personal ways with those who requested more information about the church. Festivals provide a natural context to engage about spiritual matters and collect contact details. Unfortunately, many of the simple evangelism methods of the past no longer work in our culture. Street preaching is a BIG no-no, door-to-door barely works. But, engaging in continual surveying at summer festivals with 100’s of people provides a powerful and relevant method to connect people to Jesus and His church.

If you are a regular or member of Destination Church please add these weekends to your calendar: July 26th – August 22nd, 2010

Please spread the word. If you happen to know of any potential interns or if you are considering it yourself, waste no more time, apply now.

Apply Now For The Destination Church Summer Internship 2010

Check Out The 2009 Video