Chicago Summer Festivals

Summer is a big deal in Chicago. But, it’s a SUPER big deal for Destination Church in Chicago.

Summer is not a time were we become idle. It’s a time for increased social activity as a community and shared fun together. It’s also a time of sowing and investing for the Fall. Let me explain what I mean by that.

One of the greatest things about Chicago summers are the numerous festivals throughout the neighborhoods. Thousands of people flock to these events to explore the bands, culture and food. These festivals are opportunities to connect with people and have a load of fun. Last year we ran a booth at the Chicago Summerfest and it was such a success that we have applied for four booths at different festivals this summer — that’s right, four!

Here’s how the booth works. We’ll display a large wall of photographs and ask people spiritual questions about how the photos represent their lives. It’s so simple, but so powerful. After hearing peoples stories and life experiences we’ll leave them with an invitation to our epic teaching series this summer: BLOCKBUSTER FAITH! We’ll be taking several weeks to teach on themes from current movies.

Surveying people at festivals in this way is very natural and non-threatening. This activity is a missional way to engage with the community because it involves 1) listening rather than preaching 2) taking the church to people rather than expecting them to just come to us 3) placing a relevant and appealing invitation in their hands in a relational way. People respond positively to this because it’s authentic. As a church we will prayerfully trust God that we will build deeper connections with more people as a result so that those who are interested can connect with the Destination community.

This Sunday, May 23rd, we’ll be taking up a special offering to cover the costs of the booths. If you consider Destination Church to be your church, then please pray about how much to give. If you are coming for the first time we don’t want your money, we just want you to know Jesus, so don’t feel any compulsion to give.

Please add these booths to your calendar and help out:

  • The Raven Festival: June 18-20
  • Summer on Southport Festival: July 31 – August 1
  • Retro on Roscoe Festival: Aug 7-8
  • Wrigleyville Summerfest: Aug 14-15

Let’s party!