Celebration Midwest 2009

A few of us from Destination Church made the journey to Missouri this past weekend to gather together with other Newfrontiers churches in the Midwest region. We had great times of worship, teaching and prayer. I lead the ONEBLAZE youth meetings and also had some platform time in the main Saturday night session to share about where the Chicago Church plant is at and what pressing things we need prayer for.

The Celebration Midwest event is really important for what we are doing as a family of churches. It helps us to gather momentum, to stay connected, it provides an opportunity for us to financially contribute to the broader mission, it provides a chance for deeper relationships, it helps us gain perspective and stay focused on the mission, and I could go on!

Our primary vision right now is to plant reproducing churches in the top 100 cities of the United States. Every time we gather together as Newfrontiers churches we get closer to that goal. We inspire more leaders to give more and risk more. We captivate the attention of young people to get in on the game. We encourage those who are struggling and send them home with renewed faith.

If you couldn’t make the conference then please take some time to download and listen the following messages. You will find them very beneficial.

The dates for Celebration 2010 are June 4-6. Please mark your calendars and make this a priority for next year.