Can You Recommend An Intern?

One of the really exciting things we do each summer at Destination Church Chicago is a 4 week internship. This training program is designed to get interns out of their comfort zone and show them how to effectively listen to other peoples perspectives and authentically engage in spiritual conversations about faith.

We already have a couple of interns lined up for July 26th – August 22nd, 2010. However, we are actively pursuing 1-2 additional interns. We are primarily looking for people who are college age. This is technically a little late in the game to be recruiting, but there are always those who have their plans fall through or are still undecided about their summers.

You are a VITAL part of the recruitment process. If you are a member or regular of Destination please take 30 minutes do the following:

  • Go through all your phone and Facebook contacts (or wherever you have most of your connections) and make a list of possible interns. Don’t forget to list leaders of other churches/ministries who might be able to help recruit on our behalf.
  • Call these people and present an opportunity you have for them this summer at your church. That’s right — call them. An email/Facebook message would be insufficient for the importance of what we are asking.
  • Let them know why you think they would be suited to this internship. (Make sure to read the description and watch the video)
  • Ask them to pray about the opportunity and talk to their leaders.
  • Send them a link to the online application and suggest that they go ahead and apply. The application process could provide a clearer confirmation if they they should do it or not. (The link is here:

This summer is going to be a great adventure in faith! Let’s get recruiting.