Blockbuster Faith 2011

Your life is a screenplay. What needs editing? Blockbuster Faith is an opportunity to experience a plot twist.

In this return of last year’s teaching series, Destination Church Chicago aims to help you discover the power of story. Using this year’s blockbuster hits, we will explore the plot lines of life and uncover truth hidden in the cinema of God’s word.

Experience the power to rewrite your life’s screenplay at Destination’s summer teaching series.

The Blockbuster Faith line up for 2011:

  • June 19 The Tree of Life: Disillusioned Faith (Release date May 27)
  • June 26 Green Lantern: Called to Serve (Release date June 17)
  • July 3 Super 8: Supernatural Experiences (Release date June 10)
  • July 10 Transformers 3: Battle Chicago (Release date July 1)
  • July 17 Horrible Bosses: Successful Perspectives (Release date July 8 )
  • July 24 Zookeeper: Spiritual Discernment (Release date July 8 )
  • July 31 Rapt: Price of Money (Release date July 13)
  • Aug 7 Captain America: Warrior Within (Release date July 22)
  • Aug 14 Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: Expelling Demons (Release date Aug 12)
  • Aug 21 The Whistleblower: Fighting Slavery (Release date Aug 5)
  • Aug 28 Final Destination 5: Freedom or Fate? (Release date Aug 26)


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