About the Benjamins

Tons of people make New Year’s resolutions to do better with their money. Whether they are trying to save more than last year, make wiser decisions about where their money goes, or hoping to get out of debt, many people make a conscious decision to work on their finances.

What’s the problem? These resolutions and decisions almost always end up not sticking, and we end up right back where we started. We don’t give ourselves the tools and resources to make it last. It’s time to break out of the cycle of broken resolutions! Visit Destination Church to learn what the Bible says about living in financial freedom.

The 6 part series titled About the Benjamins begins on January 20th at Destination Church. Come to learn about and grow in the following topics:

  • Increasing Earnings: January 20th
  • Eliminating Debt: January 27th
  • Monitoring Money: February 3rd
  • Growing Extravagance: February 10th
  • Improving Consistency: February 17th
  • Looking Forward: February 24th

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